Official site for the Destin Car Club. Who are we and why do we exist?

Destin Car Club

Lets answer the second question first. The Club exists primarily because a group of exotic car enthusiasts who live in and around Destin wanted to get together with likeminded folks. Most of the original members are Porsche fan(atics) and belong to the Porsche Club of America North Florida Region (PCANFR.) PCANFR meetings and events center around Tallahasee, so it is difficult for many of our members to attend them. The DCC gives PCANFR a voice and face in the Destin area as well as providing lots of support to our events such as the annual Charity Car Show. More about PCANFR and the annual show later.

Who are we? Mostly Porsche folks, as mentioned above, but our meetings and social events often include owners of other exotica such as Ford GT, BMW, Lamborghini, Maserati, Harley Davidson, et al. Our members get their kicks in fast boats, sporty aircraft, just about anything with a motor that increases your blood flow!

So keep an eye on this page and visit frequently. Sign up for membership of the website will be available soon so you can post comments and photos. We’ll link to Facebook, other Porsche websites, PCANFR, Smith Motor Works, Motorfest Magazine, and 1-800 Automotive Tools. We want to be the center of your focus for Destin Car Club Members.

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